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Dottorati di ricerca XXXII ciclo - a.a. 2016/17

graduatoria provvisoria di ammissione al Corso
Le graduatorie definitive saranno rese pubbliche a partire dal 29 luglio 2016 mediante:

  1. pubblicazione all’albo ufficiale dell’Università;
  2. pubblicazione nel sito Web dell’Università degli Studi di Padova


The University of Padova, through funding from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, offers research fellowships for foreign students to attend Doctoral Courses. During the 3-year doctorate programme, successful candidates are entitled to full board and lodging. 15 PhD grants for the admission of foreign candidates to doctoral courses (32nd series) a.y. 2016/17 are now available.

The final pass list is available here

Successful candidates must confirm their will to enrol by 29th July 2016 either by sending a fax to number +39 049 8271934 (a copy of a valid ID document must be attached) or by sending an email to doctoral.grants@unipd.it or formazione.ricerca@unipd.it including a scanned copy of a valid ID document. In the communication, they will have to confirm the choice of the Doctoral Course and of the curriculum (if any)

In the middle of a region characterized by an highly intensive farming and animal rearing and by very specialized food industry for the production of high quality and high priced Italian foods and wines the Ph.D course in ANIMAL and FOOD SCIENCE is offered by the University of Padova. The University of Padova is ranked first in Italy for the research quality in agriculture and animal rearing.

The Ph.D course covers two main fields of interest: Animal Science and Food Science. Strong connections between these fields of research are assured by common education activities and integrated research projects.

Strong cooperation with a number of other universities across the world, with Italian and European organizations of producers, private companies, and public institutions allow jointed research activities, seminars and periods of stage. Attendance to stages abroad for some months, International meetings and conferences is strongly recommended. The final thesis consists in a collection of peer reviewed papers published in top ranking scientific journals.

                                 Animal Science Research Area                             Food Science Research Area

Raffaella Cattarinussi (raffaella.cattarinussi@unipd.it) or Rosalba Moro (rosalba.moro@unipd.it) +39 049 827 2542 / 2617
Stefano Schiavon (stefano.schiavon@unipd.it) +39 049 827 2644

            Download here the Course Brochure                                          Informations on how to apply